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1. WE Browing Hi-Power 35 GBB Pistol (BK) Marking

Last time Tiger post WE Hi-Power M1935,but that's with no marking. This time Tiger introduce same item but With Marking. WE Browing Hi-Power 35 Piatol also Full Metal and with Making.
The Hi-Power is one of the most widely used military pistols of all time having been used by the armed forces of over 50 countries from 1935 up to present day.
Just like the real steel, the rear iron sight is a tangent type with markings from 50 to 500m which means nothing to an Airsoft pistol but is faithful to the original all the same.
And a nice affordable price US$89.50

1:1 Ratio Airsoft Replica of Browning Hi-Power Series Pistol
Length : 195mm
Blow Back : Yes
Hop-up : Adjustable
Shooting Mode : Semi-Automatic
Magazine Capacity : 20 rounds
Bullet Type : 6mm BB
Power : 250fps

With Marking

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2. EAIMING Decease / Fighting Card

New product. This is Decease / Fighting Card, One face show Decease and other face show Shoot Me.
Notify your situation is alive or game over, when the game is running.
There are 7 colors( ACU, Canada Digital Woodland Camo, Digital Desert Camouflage, Multicam, German Woodland Camo, US Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo, Digital Woodland Camo)

Size : 54mmx90mm

ACU Canada Digital Woodland Camo Digital Desert Camouflage

Multicam German Woodland Camo US Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo

US Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo

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