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1. EAIMING 1000D-A QR Rifle Single/2-point High load Sling (BK/ CB)
This sling can be single or 2-point. You Cand change it into single or 2- point easily

Constructed of high load 1000D A-Level Nylon (The 1000D-A better Than normal 1000D)
Single Buckle Design for Quick Release to Exchange Rifle
Care at any time, you can turn the sling to a single point from the 2 points / a single point -> 2 points
Suitable for all Army Rifle & Hunting gun with Sling Swivel or hook
with part of Elastic Cord Design

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2. EAIMING Armor Knew Protective Pad (RED/BK)

This legs armor or legs pads are perfect for all your leg protection needs and red and black in color

This is made by Polypropylene Nylon.
High impact plastic exoskeleton shell.
Adjustable elastic straps hook and loop .
Asymmetrical design fits the left and right leg for unparalleled comfort.

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3. EAIMING 1000D CORDURA® WP MOLLE Middle Backpack (Black/ Darth Earth)

CORDURA® fabric is what many of the most respected brands, retailers and militaries around the world use when they need to make a product that’s durable, versatile and reliable.
This backpack great for outdoor skirmish game use.

Withstand harsh combat situation
Drink tube exit hole
Velcro Patch is ready to be attached onto the front
Come with Chest & waist belt for comfort use when used as backpack
Also constructed with MOLLE system to fit every tactical attachments
Durable Linear & Thread
Hydration-Bladder inside pocket for Max.3 Liters water reservoir (optional) storage (not included water reseroir)
Strong Needle Tailored
A lots of inside pouches to suit for your needs
Perfect for Law Enforcement, Military Ops.
Water proof zipper rail Design .

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EAIMING PTT Earphone & Vibration Ear bones Mic For KENWOOD TK

WE COLT 1911 Government Full Metal GBB Pistol (Gold) with Marking Grip
Original price: US$124.31 Now:US$114.56

Refine Museum Piece L96 AWF Sniper Rifle (G96D;BK);BK)/product_info.html
Original Price: US$227.00 Now: US$199.00